The Lakewood Police Employee Assistance Foundation (LPEAF) was founded in 2007 for the purpose of assisting Lakewood Police Department employees during a time of financial need.  The beneficiaries of this fund may include any current sworn or civilian employee, any retired employee with 20 years of consecutive service, and any volunteer.  The LPEAF is a 501c3 tax-exempt charity.

After review of the following application, and approval by the LPEAF Board, Emergency Assistance may be provided based on the following criteria:

Death: To provide aid to the family of an employee upon the employee’s death.  To provide aid to an employee upon the death of an immediate family member.  Payment of some or all basic funeral expenses, or reasonable related expenses, in the event of financial need.

Illness: To aid with reasonable and non-medical expenses related to a serious illness, as defined by the LPEAF Board, and incurred by an employee or immediate family member.

Financial Hardship: To provide short-term financial relief for short-term episodes of serious financial hardship incurred through no fault of the employee, and unrelated to work-related discipline.

Catastrophe: To provide short-term financial relief to aid with the results of a momentous tragic event, not brought on by recklessness or fault of the employee.

Requests for assistance are kept in the strictest confidence.