Policies and Procedures

Lakewood Police Employee Assistance FOUNDATION

Policies and Procedures
(rev. Jan. 2010)

A.              PROGRAM SUMMARY

The Lakewood Police Employee Assistance FOUNDATION (“LPEAF” or the “FOUNDATION”) is intended to serve the charitable purpose of providing direct financial relief and support to current and retired Lakewood Police Department employees and their families specifically in the case of catastrophe, death, disaster, disability, or serious illness or injury.  The FOUNDATION is funded through employee contributions through voluntary payroll deductions facilitated by the City of Lakewood, as well as by fundraisers, cash donations, and endowments by employees and other third parties.

B.              PURPOSE.

The purpose of these Policies and Procedures is to provide rules and procedures for the FOUNDATION Directors and Officers, to assist them in carrying out their duties for the FOUNDATION.  If there is any conflict between the provisions of the Articles of Organization or Bylaws and these Policies and Procedures, the terms of the Articles of Organization or Bylaws shall control.  The Articles, Bylaws and these Policies and Procedures shall be the sole governing documents for the FOUNDATION.

C.              AMENDMENT

These Policies and Procedures may be amended at any Annual Board of Directors Meeting or special meeting of the Board of Directors, by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors, and will be amended as necessary to keep the language in agreement with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the FOUNDATION. The Secretary of the FOUNDATION will be responsible for maintaining these Policies and Procedures as directed by the FOUNDATION’s Board of Directors.



Eligible Recipients shall include Lakewood Police current sworn or civilian employee, any Lakewood Police retired employee (retired with 20 years of consecutive service) and any Lakewood Police volunteer, and their respective immediate families (spouse, children or next of kin).  Employees or volunteers who have been terminated and find themselves in financial need after separation from the Lakewood Police Department shall not be eligible for FOUNDATION assistance.


1.     The FOUNDATION may provide financial assistance to Eligible Recipients suffering the effects of accident, personal catastrophe, serious injury, death, or any serious illness or other medical condition resulting in serious financial hardship.  Other emergencies or crises will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2.     Emergencies or crises involving an Eligible Recipient’s extended family (including parents, brothers, sisters, etc) will be considered on a case by case basis.


1.     Medical expenses related to a Qualified Emergency.

2.     Mortgage/Rent assistance resulting from a Qualified Emergency.

3.     Medical expenses preceding the death of an Eligible Recipient or their immediate family member.

4.     Funeral expenses relating to death of Eligible Recipient, or Eligible Recipient’s immediate family member or next of kin; may include travel or shipping expenses incident to such funeral.

5.     General day-to-day living expenses resulting from a Qualified Emergency.


Where circumstances warrant, the FOUNDATION’s Board of Directors shall have the discretion to provide financial assistance for Qualified Emergencies to recipients from other law enforcement agencies and other City of Lakewood personnel (“Discretionary Assistance”).  All awards for Discretionary Assistance must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board, and shall be limited to a single $500.00 award, unless a larger award is approved by the unanimous vote of the Board.


A.              THE APPLICATION

Eligible Recipients may apply for financial assistance by submitting an Emergency Assistance Application to the FOUNDATION Board.  Before a decision can be made by the Board to disburse funds to an Eligible Recipient, the complete Application must be filled out and submitted by the applicant.  The Emergency Assistance Application shall be n the form attached hereto as SCHEDULE A.

Lakewood Police employees or volunteers may seek financial assistance on behalf of an Eligible Recipient by submitting an Emergency Assistance Application to the FOUNDATION Board.  Proper documentation must accompany the Application, however in the case of an Application submitted on behalf of an Eligible Recipient by another employee or volunteer; the Board may elect to waive the submission of certain of the Application documents.

FOUNDATION Board members who become aware of financial need based on a Qualified Emergency may submit an Emergency Assistance Application on behalf of an Eligible Recipients for Board approval.  Proper documentation must accompany the Application, however in the case of an Application submitted on behalf of an Eligible Recipient by a Board member; the Board may elect to waive the submission of certain of the Application documents.


1.     FOUNDATION Board members may consider applications at a special meeting called for the purpose of such deliberation, through electronic communication or pursuant to written consent.

2.     In the event of a meeting, a quorum of Directors is present, or in the case of electronic communication or written consent, all of the Directors have been provided the same communication or consent.  The determination to disburse funds shall be made by a vote of the Board of Directors, as follows:

a.     in the event of a meeting of the Directors in which a quorum is present, the vote of a majority of Directors present shall be the act of the Board of Directors;  and

b.     in the case of electronic communication or written consent, the consent of all of the Directors evidenced through electronic communication or written consent shall be the act of the Board of Directors.

3.     In considering an Emergency Assistance Application, Board member shall comply with the following guidelines:

a.     The grant shall adhere to established policies and procedures;
b.     Proper documentation shall have been submitted with the Application;
c.      To the extent the Board feels additional documentation is needed, the Board may request additional information and documentation prior to making its determination;
d.     The Board will make every attempt to verify all information provided;
e.     All information submitted to the Board will remain confidential;
f.      The Treasurer will keep all original applications for a period of three (3) years, including copies of all the denied applications.
g.     No checks will be written until Board approval has been granted, all documentation is received and the approved application has been signed by an Officer of the FOUNDATION.
h.     Any funds granted over and above the maximum assistance amount (See Section C below) shall only be approved by unanimous consent of the Board.
i.       The Board must review any grants with a long-term payment option on a quarterly basis.  Any grants on a long-term payment option must have updated doctor’s reports/documentation resubmitted every six months.  Board members are responsible for informing the applicant and the Treasurer that no further checks will be written until updated documentation is received.


1.     Maximum assistance to be paid to or on behalf of Eligible Recipients will be capped at $10,000 per year per household.

2.     Grants for assistance will be granted based on available FOUNDATION resources.  In no event will the Board grant funds to the extent, in the Board’s sole determination, such grant would deplete the FOUNDATION’s accounts beyond acceptable levels.


Grants may be paid to individuals, institutions, or providers of service at the discretion of the Board.


In the event an employee who has received funds from the FOUNDATION and has had a positive resolution to litigation i.e. personal injury or occupational claim, and chooses to donate a portion of the settlement to the FOUNDATION, any funds would be greatly appreciated.


It is the policy of the FOUNDATION that all personal information that is collected during the application process will be treated as confidential.  Board members will not discuss any details of an applicant with anyone outside the Board (including family members), except with the written consent of the Applicant.  The FOUNDATION will not sell, trade, or rent any applicant’s personal information to outside parties.  Grant awards will be considered public information.



1.     The pre-printed City payroll deduction form must be signed by each city employee that wishes to contribute to FOUNDATION through payroll deduction (see SCHEDULE B – Payroll Deduction Form).

2.     The payroll deduction form will be submitted to the Lakewood Employee Charitable Giving Campaign or to the individual’s department representative.  If the employee would like a copy of the form, they are responsible for making a photocopy.  The Treasurer will maintain records of employees providing payroll deduction donations to the FOUNDATION.

3.     A database will be established consisting of donors utilizing the payroll deduction, to be used solely for Board purposes.

4.     Each employee should be given an explanation from the City that his/her contribution will be deducted from each paycheck, and that the employee may not change the deduction until the following Charitable Giving Campaign.  Employees wishing to stop the payroll deduction must contact the Department of Employee Relations for direction.

5.     The payroll deduction contributions will be deposited into the account(s) maintained by the FOUNDATION.

6.     No designations of funds to an individual/s will be accepted on the payroll deduction form.


1.     The FOUNDATION will gladly accept individual, or ‘one time’, donations from City personnel or outside parties.

2.     Individual donations are donations that are not authorized via the payroll deductions forms and are not recurring.  The donor of an individual donation must make the donation via either personal check or business check or cash.  At this time, the FOUNDATION does not have the ability to accept credit card donations.

3.     Upon receipt of an individual donation, the FOUNDATION will offer to give the donor a letter acknowledging the donation (see SCHEDULE C – Donation Letter).  Such letters of acknowledgement must be dated and written on FOUNDATION letterhead, and executed by an Officer of the FOUNDATION.

4.     Directed donations may be earmarked by the donor for a specific Eligible Recipient, provided that the proposed recipient has an approved application on file.

5.     In the event that a directed donation check is returned by the donor’s bank for lack of sufficient funds, the FOUNDATION will attempt to obtain reimbursement from the donor for all applicable returned check fees.  The FOUNDATION will send a letter to the donor both notifying him/her of the check’s return and the associated fees, and requesting the donor to forward sufficient cash to cover the fees to the FOUNDATION immediately.

6.     Directed donations will be deposited into the FOUNDATION’s bank account, and a separate check from the FOUNDATION will be issued to the Eligible Recipient.

C.              FUNDRAISING

1.     All fundraising performed on behalf of the FOUNDATION shall be approved by the Board.  In addition, Lakewood Police Department command staff shall be advised of all fundraisers and all products sold on behalf of the FOUNDATION.

2.     Press releases and other communication regarding FOUNDATION fundraising shall be approved in advance by the President of the FOUNDATION.

3.     Board members who are purchasing materials for fundraisers shall be entitled to use the FOUNDATION’s Colorado state tax exempt certificate, however, such certificate shall not be distributed to third parties without the prior authorization of the Treasurer.

4.     Money from the FOUNDATION account may only be used to reimburse an individual/s for materials used for a fundraiser with Board approval.  The FOUNDATION may elect to keep a petty cash account not to exceed $500.00.  Money for up front costs, beyond petty cash, must be requested by submitting documentation from the vendor (invoice, receipt) to the Treasurer for payment by check.

5.     Mailbox stuffing regarding any FOUNDATION fund raiser/function must have the approval of Lakewood Police Department management.

6.     Fund raising proceeds may be earmarked for one recipient if an approved application is on file.

7.     When receiving cash through fundraising efforts, the donor shall be offered a receipt, that is marked or stamped with the name The Lakewood Police Employee Assistance FOUNDATION and the FOUNDATION’s Federal Tax ID number.

8.     When fund raising for a particular person or persons, a Permission/Release Form (See SCHEDULE A) must be received from the recipient to use their name and/or photo.  Otherwise, all recipients must remain confidential.

D.             ENDOWMENTS.

The FOUNDATION will provide all necessary documentation to facilitate the FOUNDATION’s receipt of funds from an insurance policy or a will, including without limitation, any corporate documentation and tax information required.



1.     All publicity and press releases, including all website information, shall be approved by the President or a Vice President of the FOUNDATION.

2.     Permission/Release Forms must be obtained from the recipient to use his/her name in an article at all times.

3.     Any publication that describes how payroll deduction contributions are collected will contain some explanation of the intent and mission of the FOUNDATION.


A.              GENERAL

1.     The Foothills Credit Union (Credit Union), 7990 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood, CO 80226; 720-962-8200 will be the designated institution in which the funds of the FOUNDATION will be deposited.

2.     All grant checks written for any Eligible Recipient must have an Officer’s authorized signature.

3.     To the extent possible, all statements and invoices for checks requiring only one signature will be initialed by the Officer signing the check.

4.     Signature cards for check writing privileges from the Credit Union will be updated as required by the Credit Union’s policy.

5.     Interest earned on funds from the Credit Union account shall be maintained in the FOUNDATION’s Credit Union accounts or investments, with the approval of the Board.

6.     Transfer of funds to other investment vehicles will be reviewed by the Treasurer and reported to the Officers on a quarterly basis.


1.     The Treasurer will communicate the financial position of the FOUNDATION through monthly financial reports as desired by Board.  Such reports may include a detailed accounting of all checks written and the total amounts granted each month.

2.     Any returned checks will be sent to the Treasurer for collection.  The Treasurer will be responsible for sending an Insufficient Funds Letter with the checks to the donors.

3.     Whenever a person or an organization contributes $250.00 or more to the FOUNDATION, a donation letter must be sent on letterhead immediately by the FOUNDATION Treasurer or other designated Officer.

4.     The Treasurer will maintain a file of all Applications received, including all denied applications, for a period of three (3) years.



A.              BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The BOD has the power to establish and amend these Policies and Procedures.  All Board members are expected to attend each special meeting of the Board called during the year, and failure to attend two or more such meetings may result in dismissal from the Board

B.         PRESIDENT

The President will be the liaison between the FOUNDATION and the Lakewood Police Department, the Lakewood Police Union, Local 303, the Lakewood Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #21, the FOUNDATION accountant and attorney, and other BOD members.  The President will write or approve all grant proposals.  The President will chair all BOD meetings.  The President must be advised of fundraisers on behalf of FOUNDATION.


Assist the President and perform duties in his/her absence.  Supervise current and future planning of FOUNDATION.  The Vice President must be advised of all fundraisers on behalf of FOUNDATION.

D.         SECRETARY

The Secretary will prepare and distribute meeting agendas prior to each meeting.  The Secretary will supply the committee chair/BOD members with minutes and all pertinent documents within 30 days of BOD meetings.  All correspondence will be dated. The Secretary must be advised of fundraisers on behalf of FOUNDATION.

E.         TREASURER

The Treasurer shall be responsible for tracking donations and distributing monies as directed by the Board; shall accounts and pay all bills; maintain files including list of donors’ names, addresses, telephone number, and JDE number, and with regard to grants, the recipient’s name, address, telephone number, coded account number, type of hardship, as well as the date assistance began and ended, if applicable.  Treasurer will serve as liaison with FOUNDATION’s accountant and will provide such accountant with all appropriate ledger work.  The Treasurer will maintain ledgers and accounts with monthly communication with committee chair/members regarding account data.  Transfer of funds to other investment vehicles will be reviewed by the Treasurer and reported to the Officers on a quarterly basis.  The Treasurer must be advised of fundraisers on behalf of FOUNDATION.

F.              MEMBER-AT-LARGE

Ordinarily a citizen or member of the business community, the Member-at-Large serves in an advisory capacity to other members of the BOD, and may assist with the duties of any or all of them.


Emergency Assistance Application


Payroll Deduction Form


Donation Letter